Lion King Cast

This has been one of the most amazing auditions we have seen!   You ALL did an amazing job, and we look forward to working with each and every one of you.  If your name is not on this list, PLEASE stick with the drama family.  WE NEED YOU.  We have many important jobs, both on and offstage.  We need help building, painting, working backstage during the show, moving sets, doing makeup, costuming, publicizing this soon-to-be-amazing production, and we will need African Safari guides directing ticket holders to their seats.   And now, without further adieu… here is the 2016-2017 cast of Plainedge Middle School’s production of “The Lion King”:


Young Simba: Nicholas Andersen

Simba: Kyle Kavully

Young Nala: Megan Cummings

Nala: Natalia Madej

Rafiki: Gabriella Maresco

Mufasa: Bobby Steiner

Scar: Grace Read

Zazu: Jack Dougherty

Timon: Giuliana Salemi

Pumbaa: Izzy Ryan

Banzai: Mackenzie Jones

Shenzi: Anthony Pierre-Louis

Ed: Samantha Pazos

Sarabi: Lauren Macaluso

Sarafina: Alexa Logan


FEATURED DANCERS (also part of Ensemble)

Julia Bottari

Aileen Dermody

Julia Gambaro

Lauren Lampman

Gabriella Luginbill

Jillian McDonaugh

Jessica Murphy

Danielle O’Connor

Katya Shabarshina

Jalyn Townson

Natalie Wescott



Elephant: Caitlyn Gruter, Chris  Brown

Zebras: Isabella Casto, Jenna Reill

Gazelles/Lionesses: Lauren Lampman, Jillian McDonough, Jalyn Townson

Lionesses: Megan Cummings, Aileen Dermody, Julia Gambaro, Alexa Logan, Lauren Macaluso, Danielle O’Connor, Katya Shabarshina

Monkeys: Madison Olson, Jessica Murphy*, Julia Bottari*, Gabby Luginbill*, Natalie Wescott*  (* also Lioness)

Drumming Monkeys: Alex Acevedo, Luke Anderson, Dean Karounos, Aidan Kennedy, Matthew Moreno, Isabella Viggiano

Birds: Katie Cruz, Izzy Ryan, Giuliana Salemi, Kennedy Trimble

Giraffe: Lilah Ali, Samantha Dominish, Alexis Elias, Angelina Luluna, Lacy Marques

Rams: Angela Gambaro, Julian Kennedy

Cheetahs: Christi Ciuffo, Melanie Johnson, Madison Kampa

Buzzards: Eoin O’Brien, Nicholas Tsavares, Steven Younghans

Savannah: Kelly Gardner, Hannah Herman, Kyle Kavully, Samantha LaMountain, Madelyn Macaluso, Natalia Madej, Gianna Mechetti, Connor Mercer, Regan O’Brien

Hyenas: Lilah Ali, Chris Brown, Christi Ciuffo, Samantha Dominish, Alexis Elias, Angela Gambaro, Caitlyn Gruter, Melanie Johnson, Madison Kampa, Julia Kennedy, Angelina Laluna, Lacy Marques

Jungle: Isabella Casto, Katie Cruz, Kelly Gardner, Hannah Herman, Samantha LaMountain, Madelyn Macaluso, Gianna Mechetti, Regan O’Brien, Jenna Reill, Kennedy Trimble