Legally Blonde Jr. CAST 1819

OMIGOD you guys!!!!   

This has been an intense and HIGHLY competetive audition process!   I’m “Serious”!  You ALL did an amazing job, and we look forward to working with each and every one of you.

Hey Crew members, WE NEED YOU.  Be sure to attend Monday & Wednesday’s meetings.  We have MANY important jobs, both on and offstage.  We need help building, painting, working backstage during the show, moving sets, doing makeup, costuming, publicizing this soon-to-be-amazing production, and we will need student ushers directing ticket holders to their seats.

Well, I can’t wait to get this show “Whipped into Shape”!  Don’t have a “Chip on Your Shoulder”.  And now, without further adieu… here is the 2018-2019 cast of Plainedge Middle School’s production of “Legally Blonde”:


Elle Woods – Kimberly Lane

Paulette – Guiliana Salemi

Emmet – Nick Anderson

Warner – Joe Sculco

Vivienne – Melanie Johnson

Professor Callahan – Matt Marino

Brooke – Amanda Seery

Margot – Olivia Mastrangelo*

Serena – Jackie Dougherty*

Pilar – Madison Cook*

Kate – Sophia Lambert

Aaron – Christian McGowan

Padamadan – Vincent Bellafiore

Vivienne – Melanie Johnson

Enid Hoopes – Sienna Milazzo

Grandmaster Chad – Aidan Kennedy

Judge – Leah Lios*

Chutney – Shrika Balguri

Whitney – Christiana McBride*

Store Manager – Katelyn Moore

Winthrop – Shane Manfre

Lowell – Kevin Maher

Pforzheimer – Derek Peters

Dewey – Dean Santa Maria

Kyle – Daniel Broyles

Kiki the Colorist – Julia Gambaro*

Cashier – Julia Neroulas*

Bookish Client – Izzy Altman

Saleswoman – Angelina LaLuna


*Featured Dancers:

Madison Cook

Angelina DeAngelo

Jackie Dougherty

Julia Gambaro

Leah Lios

Franki Mastrangelo

Olivia Mastrangelo

Christiana McBride

Julia Neroulas

Isabella Thumhart

Jameson Walsh

Rylie Zilinske


Featured Gymnasts:

Madison Cook

Gabrielle Maffatore

Franki Mastrangelo

Eleni McGlynn

Julia Neroulas

Juliette Nuzzolo

Rylie Zilinske



Nicholas Aquino

Amelia Atkins

Mallory Auer

Emma Azzaretto

Giovanni Benedetto-Valente

Ava Bloom

Gillian Branscum

Taylor Denier

Alexa Escobar

James Fox

Marianne Fullan

Emily Gutierrez

Sabrina Johnson

Olivia Magee

Bella Martinez

Megan McCarthy

Victoria Roller

Gianna Romeo

Helena Roughan

Zachary Younghans