About Math 7

Seventh grade math is the bridge from elementary to secondary mathematics.  Ultimately preparing students for their first regents level course (next year: Algebra!), we touch on many Algebra-based topics.  We also study Number Theory, Proportions, Data Interpretation, Geometry, and Probability.  The 7th grade state test is taken in April, and there a final exam in June.  It is important that you stay on top of your work, because as you have seen thus far, math is cumulative. The things you learn today will be important tomorrow, a few weeks from now, a few months from now, and a few years from now. If you need help, ASK FOR HELP. Arrangements will be made. Most importantly, do your best. Don’t TRY your best, DO you best. That is the secret to success.

Google Classroom is the dynamic online component to Mr. Smith’s E-Classroom.  You should visit Google Classroom regularly for updates, assignments, and downloads.

  • Mr. Smith will provide you with a GROUP CODE that allows you to access your math class online.

Extra help is available in the morning on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays by appointment (you need a pass).

In Mr. Smith’s Math classes, quarterly grades are made up of:

  • TESTS: 55%
  • QUIZZES: 35% (including test corrections)
  • HOMEWORK: 10% (Homework is checked every day, and sometimes collected.)

Mastery Learning
True mastery of the skills needed to succeed in mathematics can only be achieved by practice, perseverence, and fixing mistakes.  Doing test and quiz corrections is COMPLETELY NECESSARY if you are to achieve mastery.  Corrections are always due exactly ONE WEEK from the day the assessment is returned to you with a grade.  You will also be rewarded as follows:

  • Test corrections = 100% quiz grade (which brings up your QUIZ average, and hence your OVERALL average)
  • Quiz corrections = 1 Smithbuck (a bonus point that can be applied to ANY assessment)

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